I’m Brittany!

I’m Brittany Chouhan, a student at the University of Louisville who wants to do a lot for anything and everything. I’m majoring in Political Science and minoring in Communications. I am a part of a sorority, a senator for the college of Arts and Sciences, Vice President of Philanthropy for the Student Organization for Alumni Relations, I work as a Student Assistant in the UofL Alumni Association (Which I LOVE LOVE) and also work as a Community Assistant at The Retreat at Louisville.

I am a very open person who loves to talk. I honestly don’t know what I want to do (less than a year to graduate), meaning that I want to do everything from Politics to Event Planning to Marketing and Public Relations to Connecting everyone. I also love all of my friends and sisters, no matter how close or far a part, they are like a family to me.

My strengths are Achiever, Individualization, Focus, Strategic and Woo (Winning Others Over), while I really think a close sixth one is “Includer”. I  really do not like when people are not included and I know how it feels.

I’m interested in many things such as Economics, Sleeping, Personal Health, Government Affairs, Financial Markets, Fundraising, Campaigns and Cooking.

I skim through many articles on many different sites to stay aware of what is going on in many different areas. I enjoy reading articles that have a list such as “16 Resolutions for the New Year” Many of my blogs will most likely incorporate these types because I understand that key points and speed is key for many people.

My goals for my blog as well as my classes that I use this for is to show my point of view on things.


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