Social media in the eyes of an analyst…

“Social media is… Uhh a way to connect with people… or creep on people.” My first thought that came to mind when Dr. Freberg asked our Comm333- Social Media, Mobile Technologies and Strategic Communications class what social media is. As the first true week of school is wrapping up, and social media is now what I will live and breathe excessively for the rest of the semester, I have realized that social media is more than connecting with people and creeping on them. Social media incorporates more than the regular apps that many people have on their electronic devices. I know that when it comes to space on my phone or iPad, I know that I can’t delete “FITS.” FITS stands for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Those are my four apps I must have. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Vine and Pinterest app as well but I could live without Vine and Pinterest on my phone. 1300708_stock-photo-lamp-symbol-in-social-media-network-icons

There’s a catch though… Social media is not limited to just FITS and other apps that fall into those categories… This blog is a social media component as well as other apps. Social media ranges from Videos to Crowd Wisdom to Influencers to Music. The reason social media is important more in many fields of work is because of the audiences that the company is trying to reach.

For example, I am a Community Assistant (CA) for The Retreat. The Retreat is a housing complex that has 12-month leases for anyone who meets their rental criteria and wants a great living experience (Live near Louisville and looking for a place to live? Check us out! Click here –> The Retreat ). Before I was a CA, I was on the street team which is marketing the cottages. We would use all types of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, and Ads.

The Retreat’s post that went out on all social streams when we got a Snapchat.

The Retreat does not stop there either. They also have the component of strategic communications through e-mails, phone calls and mailings. My Retreat staff is always trying to find ways to connect with our target market as well as be as transparent when it comes to what we have to offer. Social Media plays a big role when it comes to who we are reaching and trying to reach. As the Social media is constantly changing, I would not doubt that The Retreat will keep up. As apps are being produced daily, such as the new Peach app, The Retreat may jump on board and market there as well.

To wrap up social media is a system that is used to connect, network, create, and manage information and relationships or as I would say creep on your frenemies and connect with your family on different many levels. As I love to over-analyze everything to make sure the decision is right or that I can see something I did not, I hope the take-away is social media is a tool that is used more than what many people use it for.

Our street team at the beginning of last year when we had our “Rock and Lock Your Lease” event

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