How does your Online Repuatation Rate?

Have you ever felt that everyone is watching you? From where you are going to what you are doing. When you are online, your every move is being watched. When you post where you are to what you are eating in your apartment. I know I have felt like this. As I have started my journey with my classmates in Dr.Freberg’s social media and strategic communications class, I have realized that I’m one of those people who have many different faces on social media on different platforms.

Below I have rated my social media based on movie

Facebook- PG-13

            My facebook is for my family members and friends where I can share article, silly quizzes and post pictures to connect with my family who is spread out across the world.

Instagram- NR-17

            Most of the pictures I post are linked to go to my Facebook and Twitter so usually no crazy picture surfaces unless I decide I am feeling scandalous…

Snapchat- PG

              Ahh!! The sneaky and fun snapchat. The place where I send my ugliest selfies and of course the personal side of me that my friends truly know of me.

One of my favorites to follow.

Twitter- PG

                This is where my personal side meets my somewhat professional side. I follow important people and of course my friends but I also follow accounts that help explain how I feel or what I agree with.

Vine- R

              Honestly, I should never have a vine. I am a total different person on vine. I like and “revine” many vines in my feed that are dark humor

LinkedIn- G

               LinkedIn is the professional side of me which is interesting, because it talks about my achievements and keeps the personal, family and expressive side out of business.

As I have been learning in class this week, my online reputation can be described as confusing. Some characteristics are similar but I put a different vibe off. Something I am hoping to accomplish these next few weeks is to create a common ground for all my social media that will be perceived as one Brittany Chouhan who is consistent on each platform with a little twist, keyword being “little.”

As a way to see where you stand on your platforms, rate them based on movie ratings and see where each one stands. Our class is planning on doing an assignment, which will be an eye opening experience, especially since I have already changed my Twitter profile picture to a more sophisticated one.

My Old Twitter Profile Picture

Turns out that using your young photos is not very professional..


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