Ready, Set, Hike!

This blog post is about having a strategic plan when it comes to Social media. In our lectures this week in class, Dr. Freberg has given us the tools to set up a game plan for our major projects within our class. As for the Super Bowl 50 coming up relatively close, I thought the only fitting way to explain strategic planning for social media would be in Football terms. DISCLAIMER- The only way I learned about football was cheering at games when I was little, watching football and dating a former manager for UofL Football. Stories are important when it comes to Social Media and planning.

Courtesy of Super Bowl Live Streaming Tickets.

Basic Football Terms…

Offense- the side which is in possession of the ball.

Defense-not in possession of the ball.

Special Teams- units that are on the field during kicking plays.

Strategic Planning for Social Media

Generally before any game, many teams watch film, meaning they see what mistakes they made during the previous game(s) and watch their opponent’s plays to what they are good at and where they can beat them. This is similar to knowing the background of the social media structure. In the social media structure, you have to know the client’s profile, external environment, trends on many different levels from personal to global, and the audience itself.

Offense –Using the film for the background you are learning to analyze your situation, meaning if you are down 13 points and you are in the third quarter towards the end and you need a touchdown right now, then you have analyzed the situation to where your situation, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT), and competitor analysis is complete. Next you have to state the objective, which is, get a touchdown and then gather insights, giphy1.gifwhich usually your coach will do this for you and tell you what route (meaning if you are running, or throwing the ball and the receivers and backs will catch it while running all over the field) you are doing and you go do it on the field. In this case we will say you made the touchdown and made the extra point too, so now you are only down six points… Click for an amazing touchdown by UofL Cardinals, well actually more than one to win the game against UK.


Defense- So now you only need 6 more points to tie and possible win the game. You are in 3rd down and the offensive team is mostly going to do a run route because they do not want an interception and they only need 4 yards till first down. So now after experiencing the opposing side team’s strategy, you now have to make an activation plan, where you have your own strategy for them to not make it. In this activation plan, you have to also think of tactics such as tools of communication meaning, hand signals, nods. In the social media game plan this would be such as Instagram Crowd Campaign or Facebook Contest. Now the run play happens and you stop them and push them back another 10 yards. Good Job but you aren’t finished as a coach and player you have to evaluate how that impact and impression leaves on that team. Are they going to go for it and try to get 14 yards or do a punt return? This would be similar to the type of content you use for planning a social media calendar. Luckily they did a punt return which leads you to your special teams receiving it. Check out some good defense by Alabama!

Special Teams- The team on the fourth down has kicked it to you and one of your receivers gets it and runs all the way down the field and makes a touchdown. This receiver just made a touchdown on a 76 yard punt return. Now you miss the extra point so you are tied. The special teams is the ones that could make or break a team. So since you now have to kick it back to the other team, your coach tells the special teams to do an on-side kick and somehow it works and you have the ball back and you score right before the game ends meaning, you won the game. Dr. Freberg said in class this past week “Target the right channel, at the right time, in the right channel to the right customer.” When everything falls into place, it works just great and helps keep team going till the end of the game. Check out Alabama’s National Championship kicking this on-side kick!

In order to win, you must be able to keep your team on track, ready to succeed in the efforts to complete what you started. As for the game plan in social media, you have to be ready to set goals and exceed them so that you can add another success or W on your record. red-outside-grass-sport-large.jpg As you have just read my story about how a team won using the same skills as a group of professionals or students have to do in order to succeed in their Strategic plan for social media.


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