What is your Bill?


As a political science major, I am surrounded by people who are aware of the current events that are affected politically. Meaning, tonight the Grand Ole Party (GOP) is having a debate in Iowa and Donald Trump, who is candidate for the Republican Party nomination. This is a big deal because Iowa’s caucus is what starts the narrowing down of candidates before GOP platform. Many of my friends, do not care about Politics but the persuasiveness and perseverance to create laws for everyday people excites I and many others. Anyways, as I am interning for the KY State Legislators, my representative has asked me to do something that has put me out of my comfort zone. Create a bill. Yes I said it… CREATE A BILL. billI’m still excited to have this honor for my representative to file a bill, have it introduced and maybe even created in a law for the state of Kentucky. As for now, I am not sure what to write about. Below I have made a list of things I have been thinking about. For you who is reading this, I would love for your thoughts or possible ideas.

  • Making a State day named after me in February.
    • We will call that day “Britt’s Day”
  • More parking around universities across the state.
    • Creating a better road areas for students to park closer to campus without having to use a shuttle bus.
  • Include your medical ID on your driver’s license.
    • Meaning that allergies, blood type, and other health concerns would be on there so that it would be readily available.
  • Books that professors make must have a dollar limit.
    • Professors who create their own textbook and require their students to have them for class must not exceed $150.00 and/or make their textbook available online with the rate not exceeding $115.00.
Photo taken of I and Representative Crimm in the House of Representatives for KY.

Like I said, I want your thoughts and other ideas. This is suppose to be interactive! A video that may help explain how a bill becomes a law, is the memorable School House Rock video!

Question: If you could write a bill what would you write it about?



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