21 things you learn before turning 21…

Since my birthday is this Saturday, I decided to write about 21 things you learn before turning 21. All of these apply to me but granted some will apply to you and that person across from you reading this.21st_birthday_princess_35_button

  1. You are at the second level of adulthood. 18 was the first level. Congrats! You’re growing up!
  2. You have bills. Like Phone, Electricity all that. No more dorm life all inclusive, you have bills to pay!
  3. Always carry your ID. Hello Bingo Jackpots and goodbye tax money.
  4. You have to pay taxes. I’m still in college, and I still try to count my $2154 as a write off for books, school supplies, and food. I’ll take tax exempt as a solution for 21 Alex.
  5. Risk it to get the biscuit. You have to take some risk in order to reach your goals.
  6. PLAN. Use a calendar- phone, by hand or something and know what you have coming up with bills, events and other nonsense.
  7. Take Care of Yourself. For me, both of my parents live on the opposite side of the world. Literally, I have to make sure to make appointments for the doctor and dentist too.
  8. Set a standard. You never know how others look at you until you get compliments or hear something said about you.
  9. File your taxes. Go to TurboTax and just do it.
  10. Keep your SM in check. Social Media is there but do not let it consume your whole life. Use it for better purposes such as marketing yourself.
  11. Help someone. You never know when you will need help and Actions speak louder than words.
  12. SAY NO. Sometimes saying yes, or sure is not going to help you. PS I’m still learning this too.
  13. Splurge! On Food. Like go ahead and eat that whole Pizza. I’ll order me one and you do you. Never let someone judge what or how much you eat.bbb
  14. Anytime there is extra credit, DO IT. From school or work, you will love the benefits.
  15. Quality over Quantity. Always drive for Value than Amount.
  16. Bite the Bullet. You are going to have hard issues in your life, find a way to deal with them. Complaining about them is not going to help.
  17. Look Presentable. Take a shower, brush your hair and try to do number 8.
  18. Exceed Expectations. Try to strive for pi while surpassing others in different fields.
  19. Pull the Plank out of your Eye. Meaning worry about yourself, stop judging and let others do them.
  20. People Change and You change. No matter what, in some way something about you will change and so will others. It is up to you to figure out how you will move on or stay in the past.
  21. You started from the bottom now you are here. Like literally went from sassy and wild to sassy with class.

As my dad would and still says in many of his lectures (which are free if you want one.), is bdaythat you have to save money and if you waste it, you will cry and who will help you. Granted coming from a family that is working in the financial sector, it is really hard to not revolve your life around finances and crunching numbers.

I hope this helps as you as you are on your way to turning 21.


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