What I have learned from blogging so far…

Courtesy of JBC

My experience so far as a new blogger and by new, I mean I read other people’s blogs but never created one has been interesting. I thought I would never be able to express my opinion for the public. As a poly sci. major, I try very hard to stick to a limited amount of expressing my opinion. I see many people on social media, use their blogs or profiles to slander others or “express their opinion.” As a Republican and also a Christian, I could always slander other religions and other views of the opposing side. But I do not because I am aware that everyone has their own opinion as someone who is about 21 years old, I do not want to press my views down your throat or instill something you do not agree in. How is that fair?

As for this blog, I am going to give you tips on Blogging that may come in handy, especially since your social media profile is another way others look at you.

1. Use more facts. When doing this, as a reader, it shows that the writer actually knows what they are talking about and can back it up with their research they have done. Bonus tip- Use creditable services and add hyperlinks to the facts you found, don’t say “click here” though!

2.  Use Pictures/eye-catchers. As a person that reads over articles by scanning what they are saying and getting the gist of what it is, this helps. Also make sure the title of your blog is appealing so it can pull more people in.

3. Remain personal. Have a tone through your piece that gives a meaning to what you are saying.

4.  Take your time. If you have never created a blog, take time to learn how to input things and create things to write about. Before this class, I was on WordPress trying to figure out how to use it.

5. Don’t plagiarize. I know it can be hard to write a blog that others are doi

Courtesy of Kristina

ng as well, especially in a class. Get creative with it though, try to write about something that others are not putting the light on.


Above all, Make sure to know your audience. The way you create your blog should be the way to make them wanting more as well as coming back to see what you have wrote. These are just some of the things I have learned on my journey as a new blogger.


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