How to stay in with FITS

Are you ready to get FITS??? As a previous post, I posted that FITS for me is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. As this week in class we have been learning some cool things with our social media platforms. Below I have made a list of why you should have FITS platform and some tips on to use them!

Facebook– If you are in an organization or Greek Life, you know that being a part of Facebook is important. You have probably a solid 5-10 groups within your Organization that you are a part of from the community service group to the hangout group. Facebook is also a great way to keep up with most family members. You know that aunt in India is waiting for you to post a picture of you from your birthday weekend.


1. Like me, I never have time to read all the links that pop up in my newsfeed. Facebook apparently knows and has a “save” button for links, pictures, videos and places! Also if you are on your phone a lot like me, find the “save” button under the “more” tab. facebook tip 1

2. To save space on your phone or if you just don’t want to get on TimeHop, check out “On this Day” It shows you everything you every posted on that particular day. I know every day I look at the statuses and go “why did I say that”facebook 2

3. Do you have a weird first or last name like me? Well Facebook has a way where you can have a “Pronunciation of your name” so when people pronounce my 24-tell-people-how-to-pronounce-your-name-correctlylast name as Chou + Han when really it is Shoe + Hand.






Instagram- Where you can hide something or highlight something. Instagram is always a good tool to have in your social media toolbox because some brands feature their clothes or items they sell and the sponsored ones usually give you a discount on something. IMG_5457


1. Have a picture that is not straight, fear not if you go to the far right button that is not a filter and click on “adjust” then you can adjust it to look slanted or possibly even straight.

2. Forgot to add something to the caption or not enough #’s or tags, click on the picture and under it on the right side, click on those “three” buttons, then click on edit and boom you are back to editing your picture!

3. Take photos without posting them right away. If you put your phone on airplane mode to save the photos you take, but not immediately post them.

Twitter– This platform is great because this you can give live updates on anything you are doing to what is going on around you. You can also network with professionals and also celebrities which could get you possible internships and shout-outs.


1. Depending on if you have a personal account or an account as a company, you need to be able to keep the content and the profile looking to what you are wanting to push with the content you are putting out there.IMG_5458

2. Don’t complain on Twitter. Use Twitter for uplifting vibes through comedic relief or something that made you smile. Sarcasm on the other hand is okay as long as you can keep it leveled.

3. Try adding an image every 3-5 tweets. Use these links to enhance messages and pictures




Snapchat- A storytelling platform with pictures and videos of your personal life for anyone who follows you or sees the possible screenshots that could haunt you or make fun of you. This platform is great to have to create stories for others to see and create hype about events or into someone else’s lens.


1. When taking a video or photo, swipe through for a filter and then swipe again for another! IMG_5456

2. Go to settings, click on Manage and then you can manage your filters, best friends and also replay and power save mode.

3. Create your snap selfie. If you pull down and click on the yellow snap code then you can create a little video for your friends and contacts to see you. IMG_5455

As you can see these are some tips for staying FITS. All of these use photo and content creation which makes FITS easier to manage be with keeping everything pretty moderate and similar.

*Note: I have discovered the tips/hacks on my own.


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