Relationship Goals: Marketing and Communications

With all the love still in the air and as a student who is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Communications, who also plans on getting a Masters in Marketing and/or Higher Education, I love when people talk about content marketing and strategic planning. This is where marketing and communications overlap. Personally I believe that communications and marketing are knotted because you have to have a message that is crafted on many different platforms in order to market to all potential patrons. Consider a client trying to get their message about Education out, they will need to not only have representatives who go and lobby but also strategically plan for the content they are putting out on flyers, ads, and social media.tumblr_mauixhL4AU1rtc5bq

You may wonder what Strategic Planning and Content Marketing and what it has to do with marketing and communications. To help with this first, I will give you some key insights on both of these topics which should then help make a better understanding of what I am saying based on what I am learning in class.

Strategic Communications

Content Marketing

Analyze your situation- Audits/initiatives/ competitors/SWOT Discover- Audit/objectives/research
Have an activation plan/target- Objectives/ Audience/Tactics Define- Legal things/Core Message
Create a story for your brand- Emotional Impact/Equity/Relevant Design- Storyboard/visuals/copyrights
Create a Content Calendar- Purpose/Preparation/Templates Develop- HTML Templates/Content Msg.
Evaluate- Metrics/ determining/ acceptance Deploy- Metrics Analysis/Media shared or paid


Just looking at the key insights, you see that they overlap with one another and that is also true for Marketing and communications. Take for example, one of my officer roles I have; I am the Communications and Marketing Chair for 12195092_940717052662863_2955200357224832187_o.pngSOAR (Student Organization for Alumni Relations) here at UofL. My role is to be in charge of our social media as well as any prints for T-shirts, flyers or anything like that. Granted this year has been blurry without an Adviser for our Organization, but we still manage to post and do things that intertwine with one another.

Consider the news, For example, WLKY a local news station came into our class earlier this week and filmed about our class.They have to make

Photo taken from @WLKY Twitter

sure they can communicate their stories as well as market them for the public to view their news over others.


So to conclude, Marketing and Communications are like peanut butter and jelly. They complement one another and work together for a greater cause for any business or brand that’s trying to convey a message. To me that’s relationship goals.


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