5 Things you learn in college…

As many list are made for all of us college students who strive to get that degree in whatever field that we so choose. I have complied a list, well thoughts that I have learned and hope that you all share the same feelings so that I can feel just as normal.



  1. How to function with little sleep
It’s no secret that college students stay up way past their limit to get things done. For me, I need at least 36 hours in a 24 hour day. It is hard to get things done so where I cut most corners is in my sleep time. I strive for 8 but usually get 5, which is why Coffee and Redbull are my saviors.
2. How to eat cheap
With a meal card that only has $200, I can’t eat for a whole semester on it which means that I have learn when to use it and when to use real money. I have a choice of McDonalds, Qdoba and if I am lucky a local Japanese restaurant meal. You also have to use your resources such as freshmen who have swipes.
3. How to procrastinate efficiently
No matter if it’s a paper of project, you know that most likely, you will not do it until the night or week before. Even if it is a group project. However, when doing this effectively, I advise you to do this in a matter that it is good quality and well focused.
4. How to live with others
From dorm life to renting a house, everyone has a struggle where they have to deal with their roommates and when something goes wrong, everyone’s feathers ruffle but the best part is that everyone in the long run will learn about one another and work together.
5. How to find yourself
From when you are a freshman to a senior or a victory lapper, you find yourself through the organizations and expirences you have. It takes time to grow and become who you are and want to be but in the long run, you will find out that everyone around you is doing that, which means that you and them are a part of each’s other’s world.giphy

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