What’s it’s like to network @ a Conference…

No matter what conference you are at, you know that you always are encourage to network network and network. Networking use to be with business cards but now it’s on another level. You don’t just have business cards but Social media platforms. Now you here, “oh link with me on LinkedIn.” From Thursday to Saturday, I’m at a conference for CASE ASAP (Council for Advancement and Support of Education Affiliated Student Advancement Programs) which is thrown in to a very busy month for me. This is my first year being a part of the CASE ASAP conference, luckily I have had the opportunity to attend and be a part of “Big” CASE which is CASE for staff in advancement through many universities.

via Giphy- Literally everyone at the conference…

As this past day has been busy in and out of sessions as well as helping speakers from across the region who are a part of the ACC or SEC, it has been very rewarding because as I walk from room to room or pass out paper, I hear people asking for each other’s twitter handle or if they can link together.


This week in class, our professor, the Amazing Freberg had one our UofL and Freberg Alums a part of class who followed me! *Cue ahhhh*

Via GiPHY – my reaction when I got a follow back

Anyways, on Wednesday, Professor gave us some background and tools for our LinkedIn that I have put on my to-do list to fix/improve so that I keep my profile up to date and professional.


As for the conference, tomorrow will be our long day going from 7AM-midnight, my goal is to use social media to network which is a “major key” in these types of conferences which you learn from the keynotes to the conference sessions. Luckily, I have already mentioned our #Freberg16 plug for most of the people I have met out of state since, Louisville is known as a good local foodie city.

UofL Student Organization for Alumni Relations

Remember to always use your networking skills where now it’s about linking through social media and especially LinkedIn because this to me is influencer marketing. I’ve been influenced by our class and our special guess to share it with other students who are passionate like me but also could use some influence so I have directed them to our class hashtag so they can learn about the best restaurants and social media tips.


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