Hey I just met you and this is crazy but hire me maybe?

As a junior who is getting ready to graduate, I know that networking is key in order to get any job in any field that you go into. For me, I learned at an early age that in order to have a full time job that can be sufficient enough for me to live, I need to make many connections that I could. Luckily now Twitter and other social media outlets have made it easier with connecting.

This week in class, we had many visitors from Clemson Athletics, Team USA, and Churchill Downs to talk to us about social media and sports. One thing that I did take away is to reach out and network because that is the only way that you will get to where you want to be. For sports, I personally have seen how networking is imperative to getting a career in any sports field. It is not just on your references but also connecting with others in different departments.

When Clemson Athletics spoke to us this week, I noticed through Jeff and Jonathan’s “how they got where they were” was through networking. This is also the case for Samantha for Team USA. Networking comes through internships, classes and places that you work. It is interesting to see  how this works especially since many people think that in order to get a job you have to have good grades and be involved. This is not the case now, you need internships and you need to make relationships within them to have connections so that you can be able to network in different circles.

If anything I learned from this past week it’s this:

  • Use ways to pick peoples brains (meaning that you see how they think)
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Try new things for your portfolio
  • Have a portfolio
  • Connect Through social media

It was awesome to speak with all our of guest speakers and see what it’s like from their perspective but also to make those connections so that I can network with them. If you are looking for social media and sports world, look at socialnsport and see what they have to offer!



What it’s like to date someone with a disability…

*Note- This has changed for the third time and has been restored with some modifications.*

About two years ago, I found myself having a tiff with my good roommate who was moving back home and it crushed me because I thought it was because of me. Little did I know that God placed a man to come be “Mr. Fix it” while I was eating Taco Bell (AKA stuffing my face). Little did I know that was going to be where God placed my rock.

As the month of October passed by, I didn’t know I would fall so easy to this man. I did not know that on November 5th, 2014 I would be in a relationship. I was scared. I did not trust and I did not want to trust anyone. I have been in relationships before and I did not want to get hurt again. I also was scared of not only that but also because he has Cerebral Palsy. I did not know what it was, to be honest when he told me, I thought that he would be in a wheelchair and could not process words. This man though was only affected mildly, at least how I thought about it.

As our relationship has progressed I would get upset if people would call him handicap and I knew that he was no different than me. I have my own issues that comes at a price. I still do not like it when he makes fun of himself but I know that he is able to love himself in his skin which is something that everyone should do.

We go on dates and have time with one another which we consider to be special especially since our time is very limited because of both of schedules barely matching up. He has a full-time job and well I have two jobs and school, which includes being a part of student organizations and a sorority. You see, very hard to get our schedule to match up.

When we do finally spend time, it’s usually with my amazing roommates watching TV, hanging out doing homework, or playing video games. It’s quality time because we are both tired and want to be together. Don’t get me wrong, we do sometimes have out fights, which mean we need a weekend or a day of space to calm down but that’s our personalities and I’m quite impress since we are both Aquarius…

Overall, dating someone with a disability is the same as any other relationship. Their love is probably more than you expected but who doesn’t want someone totally 2548764% committed to them and there for them??? Even my boyfriend told me to write this in late January and I finally got around to doing it. They are like any relationship but better because they never give up on you, unless you do something like cheat on them. That is a BIG NO in any relationship. Treat them the way you want to be treated and take care of them because they will always take care of you. Even when people are against you, take it with a grain of salt because the outsiders do not know your day to day relationship and since they do not, let them think and see what they want. It’s not about them, it’s about you and your significant other who is strong enough to get through it and be happy with one another.

Just some tips for any relationship you have:

  • Communication is key
  • No matter what the issue or problem is, both of you look for a solution.
  • Love with every fiber in your body.
  • Never push them away, bring them closer.
  • Treat them the same way as you would with any other relationship.



College Midterms as told by House of Cards

Since  midterm season is upon us and last week Season 4 of House of Cards came out, I thought that I would help the pain and suffering while you are studying. As Frank Underwood would say “After all, we are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal.” So cuddle up in that corner and act like you are studying while you relate to these!
*All gifs are from GiPHY.*
  1. When you actually went to class and have some of the answers to the exam.having the extra credit answers
  2. When your friends want to study…procrasinate
  3. When you finally start to study and look at your notes…sooo many notes
  4. When a professor decides to add new material to the examloyalty
  5. When you are at a meeting but need to go home and study but someone won’t stop talking… when you are at a meeting and they won't stop talking
  6. While you’re studying and try to get out of your exam so you ask your friends to do this… when you try to get out of an exam
  7. When the professor decides to give you an exam the day after spring break.when the teacher gives you an assignment due after spring break
  8. When you realize you studied the wrong thing for the past two hours.when you are just done with studying
  9. When the professor sees you and your squad walking towards their office.when the teacher see you and your friends coming to their office
  10. When you try to study in a different way.when you try to study
  11. When you remember the long term goalwhen you dream of your future.gif
  12. When you have a question and the professor doesn’t e-mail you back.when you are waiting for a reply from your teacher
  13. When your friends try to take you out on Thursday before your exam on Friday…when your friends try to take you out on Thursday before your exam on Friday
  14. When you finally get to your room and look at your roommates… going to bed
  15. When you have two minutes to turn in an assignment.when you have two minutes to turn in an assignment
  16. When you finally finish studying and realize you have not ate today…hungry
  17. When you try to give your professor an excuse on why you did not turn your project in on time and they say this… work on anybody
  18. When you finally get in the exam only to find out that you have no clue what they are asking. when you are taking the exam and have no clue
  19. When you are towards the end of your exam…almost getting an A
  20. After you take an exam and wonder if your answers are wrong..speculating
  21. When you finish your exam and can lay in bed.
  22. when you finally get to sleep
  23. When you keep checking to see what your grade was…Waiting on your grades
  24. Finally, you remember this…

when you remember that sometimes bad grades don't mean anything