Hey I just met you and this is crazy but hire me maybe?

As a junior who is getting ready to graduate, I know that networking is key in order to get any job in any field that you go into. For me, I learned at an early age that in order to have a full time job that can be sufficient enough for me to live, I need to make many connections that I could. Luckily now Twitter and other social media outlets have made it easier with connecting.

This week in class, we had many visitors from Clemson Athletics, Team USA, and Churchill Downs to talk to us about social media and sports. One thing that I did take away is to reach out and network because that is the only way that you will get to where you want to be. For sports, I personally have seen how networking is imperative to getting a career in any sports field. It is not just on your references but also connecting with others in different departments.

When Clemson Athletics spoke to us this week, I noticed through Jeff and Jonathan’s “how they got where they were” was through networking. This is also the case for Samantha for Team USA. Networking comes through internships, classes and places that you work. It is interesting to see  how this works especially since many people think that in order to get a job you have to have good grades and be involved. This is not the case now, you need internships and you need to make relationships within them to have connections so that you can be able to network in different circles.

If anything I learned from this past week it’s this:

  • Use ways to pick peoples brains (meaning that you see how they think)
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Try new things for your portfolio
  • Have a portfolio
  • Connect Through social media

It was awesome to speak with all our of guest speakers and see what it’s like from their perspective but also to make those connections so that I can network with them. If you are looking for social media and sports world, look at socialnsport and see what they have to offer!


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