Crisis communication in real life…

As for a person who not only has their own twitter but five other twitter handles that I help manage or in charge of, sometimes I don’t realize that I’m on the wrong one when I looking through twitter feeds. This blog will showcase my embarrassing moment that I had a few months ago when I was having issues with my boyfriend.

There are many lessons to learn here, which I will go in later but the key one is knowing what twitter handle you are on. I have five twitter handles and my anon (meaning anonymous twitter) was the one suppose be tweeting the pictures below but I didn’t realize I was on the one for one the organizations I work for. Someone tweeted back and asked if the twitter handle was “okay.”

In the group message for our co-workers, they wanted to know who it was and I being in the state I was in owned up to it.<– That’s tip number one. To make sure you don’t have the embarrassment of this type of situation, I will give you some more tips so that you know what to do in this type of situation.

In any crisis, you never know what to expect and this is just one crisis that you can prepare for…

  1. Own up to something that you know you did. If it’s affecting a social media outlet such as Twitter and you were the one who tweeted or retweeted something, then inform others. I did it
  2. Expect the unexpected. What if no one caught it until my manager did a week or month later, that would have not been any better than in the moment.
  3. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Will this affect us in a day or a week later?
  4. Stay calm. stay calmIf you are feeling sad, find your happy place and don’t panic. Things happen, you have to be calm to help fix the issue.
  5. laugh it ofLaugh it off. No matter what it is, you probably will look at it and laugh it off. If not, your fellow co-workers will laugh about it and it’s a great conversation topic during interviews now.
Overall, This should help you be able to handle the situation, even if it is embarrassing. The biggest tip of all is to when you tweet, look at which handle you are on so you can avoid this issue.

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