What it’s like to be a Frankfort Intern…

Photo taken by me from the annex.

Last week, I had my last day in Frankfort. I have been interning with a Representative who I have great respect for. He has shown me many things from learning what it is like as a representative to understanding life in a different perspective where I not only seen the work side but the side of him with his family and wife.

My badge for the capitol and annex.


IMG_5314I learned a lot about the capitol such as where the Governor’s office was, the basement tunnel (very helpful in the rain and cold), the attorney general’s office, the Kentucky Supreme Court and most importantly where legislators go to cast votes to govern our state.

I loved it. My representative let me in on all meetings with other officials of the state, lobbyist and anyone who he was in contact with. Don’t get me wrong, it was tedious to file away many green slips that people in this state called about in regards to a certain bill. As I reflect on what I have seen and learned, I see how I made friends with the secretaries in the offices like Michael and Shelly. I have learned that sometimes you have to compromise to get things you want done such as a bill. My representative told me on the first day that before he casts a vote for any bill he thinks of these three things, Is it constitutional, Will my constituents go for it, and How do I feel about it.

How they call roll.

I loved the first and other days that I got to go on the floor just to take a picture or be on that floor. It’s something that takes your breathe away. It seems like a place that all your thoughts will be at awed (maybe only people who are into politics). As for me, I know my representative gave me lots to do while I was there from reading about bills to helping him with things.

Committee Meeting.


The respect I gave him, he gave me back. On the last day that I was there last week, He called the secretary and told the secretary to tell me to go to the Senate’s Appropriations and Revenue committee and present on one of his bills because he was on his way to Frankfort and he did not know they were going to hear and vote on it. I was nervous and excited because that’s an honor to be able to represent my representative but also because he was able to trust me knowing his bills enough to trust them. That is how I knew I would be good in the field of political science, especially in government work.

My most rewarding moments were meeting his wife, Phyllis who was an angel and super sweet, sitting behind my representative’s desk speaking with guest that would come talk to my representative and also him trusting me to come to Frankfort when he was out of state to help take care of somethings to be caught up and meeting with others.

A view from the gallery


In general, It was a great experience and if anyone wants to do an awesome hands on internship and really see what is going on with the State government or is skeptical and want to see what really happens, I suggest you to try and do it. It has been an experience that I am proud to do and be a part of.

Thank You UofL and Representative Crimm for giving me personal experience in a course setting where I was able to learn what our government does in the real-world and not just in a textbook.

Photo taken by me and it’s still beautiful in gray days.

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