What is #Freberg16?

What is #Freberg16? Many people think that Freberg16 is a misspell of Fryberger or a movement. frebergActually though it is one my communication classes for this spring semester. Freberg16 is more than what meets the eye. At the beginning of the semester it seems daunting because of the 30 page syllabus but throughout the semester it is like a guide to understanding how you can exceed.

This class is one of my favorite classes because of how many opportunities are presented in this class. For example, I have a professor who is in love with coffee and understands my need of coffee in my life to function, then you have guest speakers ranging from Clemson Athletics to Kindred Healthcare, with the middle of Papa Johns, TeamUSA, Fizzology, and General Motors, which when you add some lecture, it makes for a great class.

This class and hashtag not only binds us together but helps us students in this class use the tools that our Professor Freberg has taught us. Students in this class have had the opportunity to teach one another about Snapchat Filters. It is amazing to see how I have personally grown through this class with blogging, social media tools, and social media knowledge to actually apply it to the real world and be able to work with other different personalities.

last gif.gif
Our class squad.


As the last week is approaching with finals coming up, I as a team leader for one of the groups in our class, will present a social media campaign to an actual company named Vibrant Nation. This project nothing only has me but six other members who have worked together since January to analyze, use what we have learned in class and from our guest speakers to apply it to our project. This is will not only help me but also help my team with our collaborative minds. They are not only my team members but friends. One of the members is a very close friend to me, another is a friend who will be in another class in the fall with me, one who is helping me move towards God, and a few who are graduating that I can help them stay involve with the University.200.gif

So again, what is #Freberg16? It’s a class that helps students who are interested in social media to go beyond the surface and dig deeper to really see how you have more than tweeting all day, you have to create a plan of what content and when it will be posted. There is so much more than you think and if you get the opportunity to take this class, you will love it but you have to be committed to blogging, having a social media presence, and able to create an amazing social media campaign proposal. To add last to this, there is a lot of Gifs and coffee. last.gif



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