AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Communication Technology

It’s early September, college is in full swing. septgifAssignments are due here and there and talks about the New IPhone on are the horizon, everyone around you has shattered iPhone screens or barely any space on their phone because no one is going to pay for the cloud storagestorage almost full.png, unless you are like the author of this blog. Outdated software is everywhere, especially when Apple wants you to update your phone every day.

A week later and the new IPhone is out, of course the first 5468 people purchase it for it only to have bugs in the software, making the customers upset with the slow service without considering who their service provider is… They are in an uproar taking their issues to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets.(Which is the real horror for Apple)

A month or two later, while everyone is upgrading their phone because they finally paid for the IPhone forever plan with their service provider, they are content with no bugs, only to start the process of barely an space to screenshot those ugly Snapchats’ and of course the awkward conversations via text.

The End.

In the short story above, it gives you one reason why I could never write a season long series about anything but it also highlights what communication technology is. In this story above; the iPhone, Apple, software/hardware of the phone is all a part of communication technology, even the social media outlets play a role in this as well.

As a personal preference, I personally am not the person who goes out the day of to purchase the latest and newest gadgets because one, I don’t have the money to and because I rather wait until it has been on the market for a little bit longer before I go an purchase it. I am an apple phone user. I moved to apple products in August of 2014 when a rain storm ruined my android and I gave up. I had an Iphone4 until July2015 and went to an IPhone5s, which I have now until I decide to upgrade.

I do not have brand loyalty

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with any of my devices that I have. I could live without some technology but some like my IPhone, laptop,  e-mail, and internet I could not live without. Some technology like this has made my life easier because I always have my calendar and files on me and not in a physical copy.



Something that no one thinks of anymore is I mean the radio that is in your car, you know the thing you go through- maybe 99.7 or 98.9 may jog your memory?

Did you know that Radio is the leading  to reach platforms still? According to Nielsen research, 93% of the US still listen to AM/FM radio. I know personally I listen to FM if Pandora on my auxiliary cord to my phone doesn’t play want I want to hear. Something worth mentioning about this number is that most household has a car that has a radiocar radio, because you know barely anyone has radio’s on their phone as an app or their alarm clocks barely even use that function anymore.

Thinking about the future and how we view radio, it’s similar to knowing something is there but not really putting any effort to recognize it anymore, like an old flame in the same class as you. I personally do not seeing radio going anywhere anytime soon. I mean we have serious that gets rid of the commercials essentially but many people still love the humanized Disc Jockey (DJ) or radio personalities such as Ben and Kelly on 99.7 in the morning in Louisville, KY. I think as long as we have people like that, it’s going to keep people wanting to listen to them. I mean you have I Heart Radio too, which is cool because it’s a game changer for all the stations across the nation to still be heard without being in the same city. Another factor to look at is that country is the top format meaning many people who listen to country are on the radio. According to Billboard on research of the country music listener, that 95 million people in the US are country music listeners.Which personally I don’t think they are going anywhere but how could you with Luke Bryan?

I do believe radio will stay where it is now unless we start to become more and more environmental friendly, meaning we stop taking cars, planes and other modes of transportation that still have radio on there. Radio could potentially do more but I think with apps like I heart radio, it helps. I remember when I was younger listening to 680AM which was radio disneyRadio Disney, I loved it and could not get enough and I’m sure little children still listen to them now.

AHSOverall, the true American Horror story here is if Radio disappears because that is one platform that has evolved from the car to apps, creation of jobs, personality and to other transportation outlets. I mean even other countries who are far more advanced still use radio stations (many probably sanctioned by their government, but I mean at least it’s there).

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