A TV Empire

Television is like the communication technology Empire. It is the most watched and in light of the Fox Show “Empire” coming on this Wednesday night, I plan to write this blog in light of the show Empire’s season’s premiere.

A theory that our class has learned that applies relatively close in terms of television is Social Cognitive Theory, which is basically understanding how behavioral patterns are acquired and maintained.  Take for example, Romantic Comedies playing on the Hallmark Channel or Empire on Fox, you watch them and at first don’t notice but they have effects on you. Some good and some bad.

accurate picture of me, when I need people to hear me.

I know personally after this past season of Empire, I listened to the Pandora Station with all Empire’s music from their show.


Take another factor in this theory when it comes to Television. Think of shows like Cops, the news outlets and other shows that may have an influence on you. The book for our class, gives the example of someone drinking and driving and then people’s behavior may be influenced to not do that.

As a person who loves to watch TV in my spare time, I don’t see it going anywhere

If TV was a person, it would be Cookie.

anytime soon because with the invention of DVR, it most likely will stay. Living in this day and age, my attention span as well as others has become a high commodity for marketers and TV programs. In an article by Repsly, that explains some research about attention spans, they comment on how ads are still highly used yet still have a decreasing value to them, because you know, we skip them.


Television is used now more than ever to infempire-quotes-6orm and help those pass time.

accurate representation for me watching movies for one of my courses.

In some statistics from Nielsen research, about 97% of households have at least one TV in their house. Not only that but 34.5 hours per week is watched by the average American, not to be mistaken by a college student… That’s why college students use Netflix or Hulu. Television plays a role, playing into the social cognitive theory. Many people turn to the television to see and watch what is happening, each day and week. Yes, many people have internet but Television is still used more than any other communication technology. As we go into the future I think that Lucious from Empire, gives the best statement for companies trying to get into the business that is highly strategized.



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