Blog, blog, blog instead of work, work, work.

What is blogging and why has it became something that our society needs to do? Well for me blogging really is to help me get my word count in for the day or week. I’m just kidding… Blogging is writing in an informal or a conversational style.

Typical me writing my blogs.

To me it’s a way to speak your mine and explain it through. Blogging is in a way, typing a paper but more casual without formats and what not, think middle school testing (if they still do writing parts of state testing.). My views haven’t changed since the last time I blogged about blogging but an article that I have read for my Comm 303 class has brought some insight…


The article, I read for class about Nikki Haley a

Gov. Nikki Haley Picture from Website of her office.

nd how her life was pretty much ruined because of a mediocre blogger who made up something about her having tax fraud. Nikki even confirmed within the same day that she did not and even had the IRS put out an official statement. It was only that one blogger who got picked up by the news and had Nikki’s career somewhat damage, however the article does point out how if this was in an election, that it could affect their campaign.


Take for example, I just was announced this evening as one UofL’s Top Ten Homecoming Queen Candidates, which is very excitingtop10, however as I am campaigning for this, someone who does not like me or does not want me to win, could in fact write a blog on the Odyssey (Holy Mecca of college blogs) online and ruin my chances to be in the Top 5.

Since 2010, Blogs have been crazy on the up rise and that’s because I think it’s outlet for those who want to speak, can speak freely. I think everyone should have the “power to publish” but for most people, it takes time to build a large audience. Think about the first amendment, you have the freedom of speech and right to express yourself. Does everyone use it properly? No. Will most people follow something or someone if they can persuade them? Most Likely. It’s an impact more on my generation than it is for any others, we have blogging communities such as Vibrant Nation for those who are women and 45+, but my age group still takes the most bloggers.

Does my generation create problems? Yes.blogggggggggsd Blogs as a communication technology does create issues but it’s a way to speak your mine and also give your point of view in a way that is more peaceful. So keep blogging bloggers! Blog about midterms, fashion, the debate and whatever you want to because as long as you can put what you are thinking!

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