Why I want your vote and to be UofL’s Homecoming Queen!

What is a Homecoming Queen and why should you vote for me over the other amazing candidates?top3

Well a homecoming queen to me means someone who will represent this university and the community that surrounds it in a positive way. Someone who can represent the student body and be one of the faces for the alumni who are coming home (hence the term homecoming) to the university. I want to be that person. I want to be queen because I want to represent UofL (University of Louisville). I want to show everyone on this campus that I love it, I’m proud to be a Louisville Cardinal.top56

Here are just Five Ways, I show my spirit for this university.

I go to class because I know that’s why I’m here first. It’s to get an education and hopefully a job when I graduate in 7 months. I also respect my professors and take what they say seriously and l want to LEARN.

I get involved. Below you will see Literally everything I am doing right at this moment here at UofL. Side Note- I have been involved all four years through other organizations as well.

top544I support our athletics. I will gladly wake up at 1AM for a 12PM Football Game if that means that I will sit in the front row of the student section. I am a Student Cardinal Athletic Fund Donor and I will gladly go to as many basketball games that my schedule allows me as well as baseball. I keep up to date with other sports via Twitter and other social media outlets…top00

I’ve work at UofL as a student for ALL four years. I have worked from Phonathon, my freshmen year to the Student assistant to the Director of Donor Relations, to the student assistant for the Alumni Association. I love this university and I hope I get the honor to work here once I graduate… Maybe even a graduate assistant position, once I figure out what I want to go to grad school for.

I give back to UofL. I am considered a donor. Like I said I give to the Student Cardinal Athletic Fund but also to the university in different departments. I am aware how the state only funds 11% of our university budget and 41% of this university’s budget is from donors who donate to specifically what they want… This includes RaiseRED as welltop11.

Overall, Like I said- I WOULD LOVE ONE OF YOUR VOTES AND TO REPRESENT THIS WHOLE UNIVERISTY AND EVERYTHING THAT IT DOES FOR STUDENTS. If you would like to vote for me, please go to ULINK –> Student Services –> Ballots–> Brittany Chouhan (by the way, you pronounce my last name as shoe + hand. The d is silent though) & GO CARDS!

List of University Honors, Activities and Organizations


Alpha Omicron Pi- AOII (4 years)top5

            Alumnae Relations Chair

                        Founder’s Day

                        Alumnae and Collegian Cook-out

                        Senior send-offs

            Task Force and Team leader for Philanthropy and Communication purposes

Student Government Association (First Year)

            Arts and Sciences Senator

                        SAB Programming Board Undergraduate Representative

                        SAC Committee

                        Services Committee

            Arts and Sciences Council

                        Chair of the Meet and Greet with Dean

                        Member of the Marketing Committee- Mainly in charge or the A&S Council Website

Student Organization for Alumni Relations- SOAR (4 years)

           topp Involved in interest Committee for SOAR to come back (Freshmen year)

            Held positions such as Membership and Recruitment chair as well as Marketing and Communications chair.

            Current Office- Vice President of Philanthropy

                        Senior Gift (20.17), Day of Giving, Giving Tuesday

Saving Our Students- Religious Member

Cage Crew- Cage Crew is a group a student that are under the umbrella of Athletics Marketing team to help ensure that the student section at sporting events is a great experience and hyped up!

Helping to create it as well as a member.


Student Assistant in the UofL Alumni Office

            Thank A Donor Day Committee

           top8 Alumni Awards Committee

            Homecoming Parade Committee

            Alumni Leadership Conference Committee

            Primarily works with the Volunteer initiative called Cards Writing Cards for Admissions and Graduates.

Community Assistant at The Retreat at Louisville


            Administrative tasks

            Communicator between Management and Residents.

            Leasing Agent


Dean’s List | Spring 2016

Served as representative and intern on behalf of UofL in the KY General Assembly | Spring 2016


top10000Participated in service activities such as:

            UofL Compost center on campus- Helped cultivate soil as well as clean up grounds

            Worked on numerous campaigns for representatives on the state level of government.

            Presented Scholarship Awards on behalf of the university at high schools in surrounding counties such as Bullitt and Shelby.

            Made Blankets, Walked, set up and helped the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Walk as well as working to get donations for the “Climb of the L of It” in Sept. 2016

            Student Cardinal Athletic Fund (SCAF) Member (2 years)


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