Video Games- The new de-stress mechanism.

Video games, a lot of thought video-gameson this topic weighs heavy on me. I’m not sure where to start… I feel that the first thing I think of when it comes to video games is an Xbox or a PlayStation but as I am learning in my communication technology class, it’s more than console games. Video games include computer games (back in the 1970s), arcade games, cellphone games, social gaming and portable games such as a Nintendo DS.

For me, as I was growing up, there was not as many “video” games to play. Yes, as I have stated in my last blog that I played games on my computer like ““Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” but I don’t remember playing as many. I think at one point when green-gamboyGameboy’s were going out of style, I got one and it was green. I can’t recall the games I had but I did enjoy putting them in and out of the system. I got into playing on video game consoles when I was in high school, dating my first boyfriend. We would play Grand Theft Auto (GTA). I loved that game, absolutely loved it. A year later, I got my own console at my house on Christmas. I stayed up playing all night into the morning, you know because I didn’t have any real responsibilities nor school.

Which according to Time Tech, one of the GTA video games was number 16 on the Top 50th all-time video games. Some other ones that cross reference the book and most of us know are Tetris (#1), Oregon Trail, Call of Duty, NB2K *insert year*, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Pac Man, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and of course Angry Birds. gta

It’s interesting to me because I feel that I could argue that video games are horrible for you because of the time consumption, addictiveness and also government regulation but for me, our textbook speaks about Sandy Hook Laws, but even before that happened, a case in California was brought to the courts (Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association) about how the 1st and 14th amendment applied in regards to restrictions and labeling games because of potential psychological or neurological harm to minors. My point is even with the attacking on video games, they could potentially help alleviate stress as well as anger. For me playing GTA, I would just drive around recklessly, I know in the real world that I could not do that for the time I spent playing the game, it relaxed me enough to where I could just feel at ease. Yes, that may sound crazy but think of it in the way that you have games on your phone (if space permits), you may have Candy Crush, Farmville or something in that nature where you have it with you 24/7 as long as the game doesn’t have time-lapse, unless you pay real money so you can keep playing.

In a way, when games have those type of time limits, it seems in theory like a good thing because then you can focus on other things but in all actuality, you start to play and cannot stop. Game is continually growing, especially when it comes to social gaming, think about Words with Friends or even candy-crushCandy Crush (sharing your metrics). Those around me that play video games, seem to play them when they can, which makes sense because most of the people around me are in college. I have a cousin who plays just Minecraft, Call of Duty and some other war games. He’s 9 years old and sometimes I worry since he’s played video games since he was 4 that he will grow up with a violent attitude but for him, he has more law and order in his life than most of us. He knows that Cops are good and are there to help protect but he also knows what’s right and what’s wrong. Granted his mother limits him as well as watches him while he is on chat but for his ageminecraft, he behaves well in school as well as at home.

Overall, Video games need to be played in short periods whether it be online, on a console, phone, or tablet. Video games can be harmless and helpful as long as they are played in moderation. According to PEW Research, about half of Americans play video games on some type of software. It’s a great stress reliever, especially in the type of world we live in. As we progress more into this advanced era of technology, this type of technology will lead to many different information processes as well as new gaming systems and types. Who knows we may have channels in the future where you can play games and I’m not just talking about the Game Show Network, where you yell at the TV your answer…

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“BRITTANY, I need to use the phone”

blog7-1I remember when I first used a computer and the only thing I did on there was play minesweeper and the pinball function. When I first used the computer there use to be a game you could buy called “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”blog-7-2 I use to love coming home and playing that game. Granted something happened to the game because I also remember it disappearing which gave me more time to study my vocab words and practice multiplying…

I remember when I was first allowed on the internet. I signed up with AOL and made an account so that I could instant message (IM) (Also known as AIM) others who had one! I don’t remember the username but I know I got rid of it when I started high school because I changed it to something I could put on resumes and what not. I think that relates me to the Critical Mass Theory because I was a small group of the population, where I kept using it, so that it could be a public good. blog-7-3AOL IM chat took off, it spread like wildfire. Then came Facebook, in my middle school years. I remember everyone around me had one and those who were in high school started to get on Facebook.

I think these experiences stick in my mind mostly because I can remember them and that they happened at a certain point of my growing up. If it was not for Myspaceblog-7-4 and making my profile, I would not know what coding was and how to do it on a very basic level. I have progressed as time goes by, I have to adapt to the new technology, especially the updates for Windows or any of the software that needs to upgrade. That would even relate to the theory of relative constancy, meaning that people choose where they spend their

 As a college student, I spend a solid 6-10 hours on my laptop, if not more. I choose to spend my time there because I know that it is more beneficial in the long run because I’m more use to my laptop updating at inconvenient times while not saving my work…

If I didn’t have the internet or computer, I don’t know what I would do. blog-7-6The information is right at the ends of my fingertips. I’m able to use my laptop as reusable resource for school, organizations and work because it works amazing. I am able to make processes quicker and have it more accessible than they did with no computers or internet. Internet for me is something that I need daily and I’m starting to be dependent on it because of how much I use, whether it be on my phone, laptop, TV, Ipad or other internet devices, I know that for others it is a staple in their life just as it is in mine and I don’t see it going down, computers and laptops may follow an S-curve but think about it laptops replaced computers and now laptops are competing with Surface Pros and Ipad’s as well.


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Am I scared to die or am I scared of new Iphone26?

Let me start off saying that for my assignment in my Comm 303 class, I had to read and react to this article titled “The Terrifying Truth About New Technology” that was written in 2011. I will say as the person I am, which is a “doer” meaning I want to do anything and everything and get it done efficiently or as soon as I can I was interested what this article would be like.

“We think we’re afraid of the technology. But we’re really afraid of getting old.” dyingThis was the first thing that caught my eye and it’s interesting because I agree with this statement however, technology isn’t the reason what I’m afraid of, it’s that I’m afraid of how and when I will die as I grow old every day. I try hard not to think about it and achieve everything I am doing in front of myself.

As I kept reading, the author talked about adults assimilating to new technology. The author references himself when he tries to uses a typewriter but realizes it doesn’t have an on switch as it should if it was here. I have been in his place, I have had moments when I have tried to yell at other Apple devices such as an Ipad as if Siri will hear me and do what I need her to do.siri

The author goes into another example, one giving the example of Foursquare. As a young person when the author wrote this in 2011 (16 years old, which means I’m pretty young) and it’s now 2016 (21 years old, young but learning how to grow up because I graduate in a year at the age of 22), I have never used Foursquare nor have the yearn to do so. Why would I share my location at that age or even now with a bunch of complete strangers when I can do it when and where with my close friends and family.

The older generation that I help teach new technology has said the very same statements that the author references here “Why are we so nostalgic about the technology we grew up with? Old people say things like: “This new technology is stupid. I liked (new, digital) technology X better when it was called (old, analog) technology Y.


Why, back in my day….” Which leads inexorably to, “I just don’t get it.” My godmother is someone who says these phrases every time she purchases a new technology device that I have to help her set up and learn how to use it.


The one thing that the author references, other than “Robopocalypse” is this quote “Each new generation builds on the work of the previous one, gaining new perspective. New verbs are introduced. We Google strange  and dangerous places. We tweet mindlessly to the cosmos. We Facebook our own grandmothers.”  I Totally agree, it’s the perspective that enhances the work. That’s why many people say to think outside of the box. That’s why elementary schools push certain students into accelerated programs to enhance them and teach them skills to adapt and bring new perspectives.

At first, I didn’t exactly know what I would read about especially from when the author opened up about how his statement on being afraid to die but as a person who

Me on a daily basis looking at my to-do list.

continuously growing through this re-vamped technology age, it’s not worries me more on the media dependency as much as when my hurt will stop from all the things I do on a weekly basis.


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