“BRITTANY, I need to use the phone”

blog7-1I remember when I first used a computer and the only thing I did on there was play minesweeper and the pinball function. When I first used the computer there use to be a game you could buy called “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?”blog-7-2 I use to love coming home and playing that game. Granted something happened to the game because I also remember it disappearing which gave me more time to study my vocab words and practice multiplying…

I remember when I was first allowed on the internet. I signed up with AOL and made an account so that I could instant message (IM) (Also known as AIM) others who had one! I don’t remember the username but I know I got rid of it when I started high school because I changed it to something I could put on resumes and what not. I think that relates me to the Critical Mass Theory because I was a small group of the population, where I kept using it, so that it could be a public good. blog-7-3AOL IM chat took off, it spread like wildfire. Then came Facebook, in my middle school years. I remember everyone around me had one and those who were in high school started to get on Facebook.

I think these experiences stick in my mind mostly because I can remember them and that they happened at a certain point of my growing up. If it was not for Myspaceblog-7-4 and making my profile, I would not know what coding was and how to do it on a very basic level. I have progressed as time goes by, I have to adapt to the new technology, especially the updates for Windows or any of the software that needs to upgrade. That would even relate to the theory of relative constancy, meaning that people choose where they spend their time.blog-7-5

 As a college student, I spend a solid 6-10 hours on my laptop, if not more. I choose to spend my time there because I know that it is more beneficial in the long run because I’m more use to my laptop updating at inconvenient times while not saving my work…

If I didn’t have the internet or computer, I don’t know what I would do. blog-7-6The information is right at the ends of my fingertips. I’m able to use my laptop as reusable resource for school, organizations and work because it works amazing. I am able to make processes quicker and have it more accessible than they did with no computers or internet. Internet for me is something that I need daily and I’m starting to be dependent on it because of how much I use, whether it be on my phone, laptop, TV, Ipad or other internet devices, I know that for others it is a staple in their life just as it is in mine and I don’t see it going down, computers and laptops may follow an S-curve but think about it laptops replaced computers and now laptops are competing with Surface Pros and Ipad’s as well.


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