True Life: Unplugged.

As this is my last blog before the dreadful finals next week and the next., I was challenge to “unplug” from technology… Woah professor, slow down there.

How my brain feels thinking about finals.

For those of you who are reading this and barely even know who I am, let me just inform you that the closest I get to disconnecting from social media is when cellphone dies or my laptop. Of course in order for me to write this blog, I had to unplug so I thought the perfect day would be after Thanksgiving, which semi-worked…


Friday- Started at 1AM because that’s when I got home from shopping and figured that this would be a good starting point since I could sleep and at least maybe make it a few hours. I woke up around 9:30ish AM where I almost checked my phone but did not. I just sat there watching TV, which for me didn’t count as technology until I just realized that it is. I guess I just failed. I made it 8 hours. Whoops. I did continue my day until about 8:30PM when I got a phone call from my mother asking why she has not heard from me all day. I told her I was disconnecting and if she needed me to reach me through my roommate. Yes, this was technically loophole but at least, I stayed off my phone.

Plot twist- she was acting like me trying to entertain myself…

I made it until Saturday Morning, when I woke up hungry to read all what was going on with the interactive world that I was not able to be a part of for 24 hours. I also needed to figure out the game plan for the Louisville game, which obviously I had a better one than they did…


I’ll be the first to admit, I have to read that text, email, or notification so that I feel connected but also I’m aware of what’s going on. For example, I chose Friday because I knew it would be a slow day of communication. Barely anyone texted and most of my emails was from stores and sales which I didn’t care for. I was reading one of the assigned articles for our blog assignment called “Turn Off the Phone (and the Tension)” this article to summarized talked about the author and their experience having to put away their phone while at a pool and how it transformed them into enjoying the world around them. What really spoke to me is when she brought an assistant professor who said “it’s a problem of self-controlself-control” this speaks to me. I have had to train myself since I started college to flip my phone off and disconnect with it for the hour to hour and fifteen I have in class for a lecture. Here’s where the laptop comes into play. Most of my classes are okay with having one in terms of taking notes but I use it more than just note taking. I use it for

Accurate photo of me after class ends looking for my phone.

staying attentive, researching questions, finding definitions or just having some line of communication if something does happen to a family member. If I had an apple mac, I probably would text all the time and I do envy those who do and can but for me, that’s my self-control and how I try to handle what’s going on in the classroom and what’s surrounding the classroom. Some of the questions that the author suggests you to ask yourself are ones I ask myself on a daily but not just in terms of social media.


Another article that was also assigned to this blog was “My iPhone is ruining my life: I’m guilty of “phubbing” my partner, and I can’t unplug.” As I read this, I could see myself in this but not in just serious relationships but in my friendships.

Scrolling through twitter and saw this and thought it represented Phubbing.

Let me break it down for you… Think of you and a group of friends going out to dinner and while you’re talking, they are all on their phones. How rude of them but then you do the same thing in about 5 minutes later when someone else talks…Like this article describes me, I have to scroll through my email boxes and social media sites just so that I feel connected and don’t miss a thing.


As I said that this course is soon to end, this course has taught me the When, Why and How on technology. Especially older versions that are now being combined into one. I have learned not only what some are like the telephone and cellular phone but why they have come so far and began to understand theories that support how and why technology works the way it does. For example, the S curve, in terms of understanding as one new technology flourishes, another one dies out. If anything, technology is around not only me but everyone 24/7 and it’s integrating into our lives more and more daily. We as a civilization and a human race need to find the perfect balance to make technology useful but us not dependent on it.

*All Gif’s are from* | Photo pulled off Twitter feed



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