Blog, blog, blog instead of work, work, work.

What is blogging and why has it became something that our society needs to do? Well for me blogging really is to help me get my word count in for the day or week. I’m just kidding… Blogging is writing in an informal or a conversational style.

Typical me writing my blogs.

To me it’s a way to speak your mine and explain it through. Blogging is in a way, typing a paper but more casual without formats and what not, think middle school testing (if they still do writing parts of state testing.). My views haven’t changed since the last time I blogged about blogging but an article that I have read for my Comm 303 class has brought some insight…


The article, I read for class about Nikki Haley a

Gov. Nikki Haley Picture from Website of her office.

nd how her life was pretty much ruined because of a mediocre blogger who made up something about her having tax fraud. Nikki even confirmed within the same day that she did not and even had the IRS put out an official statement. It was only that one blogger who got picked up by the news and had Nikki’s career somewhat damage, however the article does point out how if this was in an election, that it could affect their campaign.


Take for example, I just was announced this evening as one UofL’s Top Ten Homecoming Queen Candidates, which is very excitingtop10, however as I am campaigning for this, someone who does not like me or does not want me to win, could in fact write a blog on the Odyssey (Holy Mecca of college blogs) online and ruin my chances to be in the Top 5.

Since 2010, Blogs have been crazy on the up rise and that’s because I think it’s outlet for those who want to speak, can speak freely. I think everyone should have the “power to publish” but for most people, it takes time to build a large audience. Think about the first amendment, you have the freedom of speech and right to express yourself. Does everyone use it properly? No. Will most people follow something or someone if they can persuade them? Most Likely. It’s an impact more on my generation than it is for any others, we have blogging communities such as Vibrant Nation for those who are women and 45+, but my age group still takes the most bloggers.

Does my generation create problems? Yes.blogggggggggsd Blogs as a communication technology does create issues but it’s a way to speak your mine and also give your point of view in a way that is more peaceful. So keep blogging bloggers! Blog about midterms, fashion, the debate and whatever you want to because as long as you can put what you are thinking!

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A TV Empire

Television is like the communication technology Empire. It is the most watched and in light of the Fox Show “Empire” coming on this Wednesday night, I plan to write this blog in light of the show Empire’s season’s premiere.

A theory that our class has learned that applies relatively close in terms of television is Social Cognitive Theory, which is basically understanding how behavioral patterns are acquired and maintained.  Take for example, Romantic Comedies playing on the Hallmark Channel or Empire on Fox, you watch them and at first don’t notice but they have effects on you. Some good and some bad.

accurate picture of me, when I need people to hear me.

I know personally after this past season of Empire, I listened to the Pandora Station with all Empire’s music from their show.


Take another factor in this theory when it comes to Television. Think of shows like Cops, the news outlets and other shows that may have an influence on you. The book for our class, gives the example of someone drinking and driving and then people’s behavior may be influenced to not do that.

As a person who loves to watch TV in my spare time, I don’t see it going anywhere

If TV was a person, it would be Cookie.

anytime soon because with the invention of DVR, it most likely will stay. Living in this day and age, my attention span as well as others has become a high commodity for marketers and TV programs. In an article by Repsly, that explains some research about attention spans, they comment on how ads are still highly used yet still have a decreasing value to them, because you know, we skip them.


Television is used now more than ever to infempire-quotes-6orm and help those pass time.

accurate representation for me watching movies for one of my courses.

In some statistics from Nielsen research, about 97% of households have at least one TV in their house. Not only that but 34.5 hours per week is watched by the average American, not to be mistaken by a college student… That’s why college students use Netflix or Hulu. Television plays a role, playing into the social cognitive theory. Many people turn to the television to see and watch what is happening, each day and week. Yes, many people have internet but Television is still used more than any other communication technology. As we go into the future I think that Lucious from Empire, gives the best statement for companies trying to get into the business that is highly strategized.


Is online classes and books worth it or not?

It’s 2016, As I am labeled a millennial, many of us do things that are crazy and of course stupid but we also use many different communication technologies to do them but also to study, do research and also take notes for class. When you walk into a class at almost any college,

Accurate photo of me in class taking notes.

where students are in class, you will see at least 1/3 if not more students with their laptops or tablets out taking notes.


I know personally I am one of them. As a senior, I have been one of those that has transferred from taking hand written notes to typing. I think as I have grown up, became more involved, knowing that I can access definitions or other extra notes to add in my lecture notes, it bothers me. Granted, I can give up my phone from 50-75 minutes at any given time for class or a meeting but without my laptop, I cannot live without because if I’m not sure what something means or I need to look to at something, it’s accessible and there.

Also another photo of how I interact when something interesting happens in class.


As I am in college, having communication technology play a role in my education, it’s easy to see how I was able to take classes while visiting my father overseas as well as work on them at my own pace. That’s the beauty of online classes, you can work as you have an internet connection, you can work pretty much anywhere. In one of the articles, we had to read for class from The Christian Science Monitor, it spoke about how Online learning is influencing colleges. One except from it, shows how I’m not alone when it comes to focusing for about 50-75 minutes. It also states that when doing some research, online students did more work than the average student who is sitting in a lecture class. This plays into MOOCs (Massie Open Online Course), where it’s a website that has college, business and teachers host and build courses, according to their website. The article raises the question about these types of classes, because how is fair that I pay roughly $20,000 a year for tuition, fees, books and housing and can go to these types of websites where I can watch online courses. Granted in the article it does state MOOCs are tracking how many people are interacting and watching rather than taking exams and what not. In a way, this demonstrates social presence theory because of giving the person who is receiving the communication a somewhat “real” person.

 I mention books as a part of price, think about the books you purchase from a bookstore for class- they are expensive but are they better than an on-line book? For me personally, I rather have a physical copy of the book than online, granted I wish I also had access to it online so if I’m in class, booksI don’t have to grab my book and go to that page, I can just click and highlight in the book. Online books are cheaper but you sometimes don’t keep them for so long and you cannot cite the pages as easily. In another article from USA Today, one of the comments were made about how it’s hard for them to site the pages and I totally agree, I rather pay the price for a physical copy than an online subscription. I think as they get more technology advanced, it will be easier, however you have many professors, creating their own “reading packets” which have all different kinds of excerpts that will be used in class. I rather have that than reading online in a scanned PDF.

In my French courses, they were hybrids, which is mentioned in the article from the Christian Science Mentor about how many colleges are going towards that and I love love love that idea, emphasize on the love. I think it helps because it had the book in a physical copy as well as online and also assignments that were different from the book and online. It was easier to see how I could use both and feel comfortable learning a new language.

Since the title of this blog is “Is online classes or books worth it or not?” To me, it is if used in the right way. I would recommend getting physical copies of books for any classes you have to take rather than online books. face-2-faceI also would say take online classes if it fits better in your schedule then take some but also go to lectures in person for the Face 2 Face connections.



Please don’t stop the Music

As for any college student going through this crazy thing called “Life,” music is something that makes my life a little bit easier as for others (I mean I’m currently listening to Rihanna’s whole ANTI album, which is probably why the title is a lyric from one of her songs)1155, I would also say. In an article titled “The psychological functions of music listening“- Chamarro-Permuzic and Furnham in 2007 identified 15 functions of music among students, which thinking about roughly almost 9-10 years later there is soo many more. To put it in perspective, I listen to music ALOT during the day- here’s my breakdown for a typical school day (TTh) versus a typical work day(MWF)

School Day

  • Walk to classes and back home-1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Walk to the sac for lunch- 10 minutes
  • Homework time (like now)-2-3 hours (this varies)
  • If I have to work in the office- 1-4 hours (varies because music is always playing when I have to work)
  • Potential drive to  get food, groceries, or other errands with a car- 1-3 hours.

TOTAL- 5 hours and 25 minute to 10 hours and 25 minutes

Work Day20055

  • Car drive to work and back- 10-20 minutes
  • Working in the cubicle- 4-6 hours
  • Homework time- 2-3 hours

TOTAL- 6 hours and 10 minutes to 9 hours and 20 minutes

With these two different days that barely change, not including when I shower or eating, I could listen to more but a week I’m averaging roughly a full 24 hours of listening to music. I mean this hasn’t changed since I was in middle school. I remember when I first got the Zunepink-zune2 which I loved until I lost it or something, luckily I progressed to an android phone that I could download music to, music I purchased…

I think for me personally I listen to music to stay calm and on task when it comes to things, it helps me think clearly and I’m not alone according to research by Arielle S. Dolegui, she found out that many students listen to music to alleviate the emotional effects of stress and for me, I agree since it helps me focus. Arielle’s research primarily focused on what type of music, type of personality of the listener and different volume levels affected the college students level to focus with music.

When it comes to how I listen to music, I primarily have moved away from downloading music to downloading an app like YouTube or Pandora where I can select what I want to hear or put a station of music I want to hear such as relaxation or Today’s Hip Hop Music.255

Overall, this is great that I never want the music to stop but sometimes you have to take a step back and realize that this corresponds with the Displacement Theory-meaning that there is less face to face interaction and there’s a limited use of time on communication activities. For example, my phone has a USB cord where I can add my phone and play Pandora instead of listening to the Radio. Does that mean I don’t use the Radio anymore, absolutely not but it does mean that I don’t use it as much as I could.

Just as I never want the music to stop, I do not think it will especially with artists always trying to make it big like Rihanna, Beyoncé, or Luke Bryan. You can obviously tell I have a wide variety of music I listen to but how else could I not get bored with it when I listen to at least a full days of music.


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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Communication Technology

It’s early September, college is in full swing. septgifAssignments are due here and there and talks about the New IPhone on are the horizon, everyone around you has shattered iPhone screens or barely any space on their phone because no one is going to pay for the cloud storagestorage almost full.png, unless you are like the author of this blog. Outdated software is everywhere, especially when Apple wants you to update your phone every day.

A week later and the new IPhone is out, of course the first 5468 people purchase it for it only to have bugs in the software, making the customers upset with the slow service without considering who their service provider is… They are in an uproar taking their issues to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets.(Which is the real horror for Apple)

A month or two later, while everyone is upgrading their phone because they finally paid for the IPhone forever plan with their service provider, they are content with no bugs, only to start the process of barely an space to screenshot those ugly Snapchats’ and of course the awkward conversations via text.

The End.

In the short story above, it gives you one reason why I could never write a season long series about anything but it also highlights what communication technology is. In this story above; the iPhone, Apple, software/hardware of the phone is all a part of communication technology, even the social media outlets play a role in this as well.

As a personal preference, I personally am not the person who goes out the day of to purchase the latest and newest gadgets because one, I don’t have the money to and because I rather wait until it has been on the market for a little bit longer before I go an purchase it. I am an apple phone user. I moved to apple products in August of 2014 when a rain storm ruined my android and I gave up. I had an Iphone4 until July2015 and went to an IPhone5s, which I have now until I decide to upgrade.

I do not have brand loyalty

Photo Creds

with any of my devices that I have. I could live without some technology but some like my IPhone, laptop,  e-mail, and internet I could not live without. Some technology like this has made my life easier because I always have my calendar and files on me and not in a physical copy.



Something that no one thinks of anymore is I mean the radio that is in your car, you know the thing you go through- maybe 99.7 or 98.9 may jog your memory?

Did you know that Radio is the leading  to reach platforms still? According to Nielsen research, 93% of the US still listen to AM/FM radio. I know personally I listen to FM if Pandora on my auxiliary cord to my phone doesn’t play want I want to hear. Something worth mentioning about this number is that most household has a car that has a radiocar radio, because you know barely anyone has radio’s on their phone as an app or their alarm clocks barely even use that function anymore.

Thinking about the future and how we view radio, it’s similar to knowing something is there but not really putting any effort to recognize it anymore, like an old flame in the same class as you. I personally do not seeing radio going anywhere anytime soon. I mean we have serious that gets rid of the commercials essentially but many people still love the humanized Disc Jockey (DJ) or radio personalities such as Ben and Kelly on 99.7 in the morning in Louisville, KY. I think as long as we have people like that, it’s going to keep people wanting to listen to them. I mean you have I Heart Radio too, which is cool because it’s a game changer for all the stations across the nation to still be heard without being in the same city. Another factor to look at is that country is the top format meaning many people who listen to country are on the radio. According to Billboard on research of the country music listener, that 95 million people in the US are country music listeners.Which personally I don’t think they are going anywhere but how could you with Luke Bryan?

I do believe radio will stay where it is now unless we start to become more and more environmental friendly, meaning we stop taking cars, planes and other modes of transportation that still have radio on there. Radio could potentially do more but I think with apps like I heart radio, it helps. I remember when I was younger listening to 680AM which was radio disneyRadio Disney, I loved it and could not get enough and I’m sure little children still listen to them now.

AHSOverall, the true American Horror story here is if Radio disappears because that is one platform that has evolved from the car to apps, creation of jobs, personality and to other transportation outlets. I mean even other countries who are far more advanced still use radio stations (many probably sanctioned by their government, but I mean at least it’s there).

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What is #Freberg16?

What is #Freberg16? Many people think that Freberg16 is a misspell of Fryberger or a movement. frebergActually though it is one my communication classes for this spring semester. Freberg16 is more than what meets the eye. At the beginning of the semester it seems daunting because of the 30 page syllabus but throughout the semester it is like a guide to understanding how you can exceed.

This class is one of my favorite classes because of how many opportunities are presented in this class. For example, I have a professor who is in love with coffee and understands my need of coffee in my life to function, then you have guest speakers ranging from Clemson Athletics to Kindred Healthcare, with the middle of Papa Johns, TeamUSA, Fizzology, and General Motors, which when you add some lecture, it makes for a great class.

This class and hashtag not only binds us together but helps us students in this class use the tools that our Professor Freberg has taught us. Students in this class have had the opportunity to teach one another about Snapchat Filters. It is amazing to see how I have personally grown through this class with blogging, social media tools, and social media knowledge to actually apply it to the real world and be able to work with other different personalities.

last gif.gif
Our class squad.


As the last week is approaching with finals coming up, I as a team leader for one of the groups in our class, will present a social media campaign to an actual company named Vibrant Nation. This project nothing only has me but six other members who have worked together since January to analyze, use what we have learned in class and from our guest speakers to apply it to our project. This is will not only help me but also help my team with our collaborative minds. They are not only my team members but friends. One of the members is a very close friend to me, another is a friend who will be in another class in the fall with me, one who is helping me move towards God, and a few who are graduating that I can help them stay involve with the University.200.gif

So again, what is #Freberg16? It’s a class that helps students who are interested in social media to go beyond the surface and dig deeper to really see how you have more than tweeting all day, you have to create a plan of what content and when it will be posted. There is so much more than you think and if you get the opportunity to take this class, you will love it but you have to be committed to blogging, having a social media presence, and able to create an amazing social media campaign proposal. To add last to this, there is a lot of Gifs and coffee. last.gif


What it’s like to be a Frankfort Intern…

Photo taken by me from the annex.

Last week, I had my last day in Frankfort. I have been interning with a Representative who I have great respect for. He has shown me many things from learning what it is like as a representative to understanding life in a different perspective where I not only seen the work side but the side of him with his family and wife.

My badge for the capitol and annex.


IMG_5314I learned a lot about the capitol such as where the Governor’s office was, the basement tunnel (very helpful in the rain and cold), the attorney general’s office, the Kentucky Supreme Court and most importantly where legislators go to cast votes to govern our state.

I loved it. My representative let me in on all meetings with other officials of the state, lobbyist and anyone who he was in contact with. Don’t get me wrong, it was tedious to file away many green slips that people in this state called about in regards to a certain bill. As I reflect on what I have seen and learned, I see how I made friends with the secretaries in the offices like Michael and Shelly. I have learned that sometimes you have to compromise to get things you want done such as a bill. My representative told me on the first day that before he casts a vote for any bill he thinks of these three things, Is it constitutional, Will my constituents go for it, and How do I feel about it.

How they call roll.

I loved the first and other days that I got to go on the floor just to take a picture or be on that floor. It’s something that takes your breathe away. It seems like a place that all your thoughts will be at awed (maybe only people who are into politics). As for me, I know my representative gave me lots to do while I was there from reading about bills to helping him with things.

Committee Meeting.


The respect I gave him, he gave me back. On the last day that I was there last week, He called the secretary and told the secretary to tell me to go to the Senate’s Appropriations and Revenue committee and present on one of his bills because he was on his way to Frankfort and he did not know they were going to hear and vote on it. I was nervous and excited because that’s an honor to be able to represent my representative but also because he was able to trust me knowing his bills enough to trust them. That is how I knew I would be good in the field of political science, especially in government work.

My most rewarding moments were meeting his wife, Phyllis who was an angel and super sweet, sitting behind my representative’s desk speaking with guest that would come talk to my representative and also him trusting me to come to Frankfort when he was out of state to help take care of somethings to be caught up and meeting with others.

A view from the gallery


In general, It was a great experience and if anyone wants to do an awesome hands on internship and really see what is going on with the State government or is skeptical and want to see what really happens, I suggest you to try and do it. It has been an experience that I am proud to do and be a part of.

Thank You UofL and Representative Crimm for giving me personal experience in a course setting where I was able to learn what our government does in the real-world and not just in a textbook.

Photo taken by me and it’s still beautiful in gray days.